August 9, 2011

Restrepia xanthophthalma

Restrepia is a genus of around 50 miniature orchids from Central and South America. They grow in cool moist forests high in the Andes mountain range. Flowers are produced one at a time from the base of the rear of the leaf, and appear throughout the year. Restrepias are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures as long as they are kept moist. They enjoy being copiously watered throughout the year. 

Of all my orchids, my miniature species bring the most joy. Within the orchid family, miniatures far outnumber their “bigger” cousins in total species and can be found nearly everywhere orchids grow. They live on branches or rocks, using their roots as anchors and to soak up moisture from rain, dew, mist, and fog. They are ideal for the home gardener with little space. An entire tropical garden can be grown in a small window sill providing a lifetime of pleasure.

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